Maisa Rojas


I am an Associated Professor at the Department of Geophysics. My academic background includes an undergraduate degree in Physics (University of Chile) and a PhD in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Oxford (thesis on middle atmospheric dynamics). I then further specialized in regional climate modelling as a postdoctoral researcher at the “International Research Institute for Climate and Society” (IRI) at Columbia University (USA).

Throughout my carrier I developed 2 main research areas: Paleoclimate and regional climate change. The common analysis tools are numerical climate models.

My paleoclimate research in centered in understanding the evolution and dynamics of the climate system in the Southern Hemisphere over the last 25,000 years. Millennium Nucleus on Paleoclimate of the Southern Hemisphere.

The other research area I have developed is Regional Climate Modelling, including the assessment of climate change impacts on different sectors of society, in particular on agriculture and water resources (see other projects). This area I mostly develop at the “Center for Climate and Resilience Research” CR2. I was a lead author of the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report (IPCC-AR5), and I am a Coordinating Lead Author of the forthcoming 6th Assessment Report AR6.


About me

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2010/08 to date : Associated Professor, Departmento de Geofísica, Univ. de Chile.

2009-2010: visiting scientist: Laboratoire Meteorologie Dynamic (LMD), Université Pierre et Marie Curie, y del Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE) France. Financiada por beca IRD BEST, y Proyecto EU-FP6 CIRCE.

2005 - 2009 : Universidad de Chile,  Departamento de Geofísica. Adjoint Professor.

2005 : Centro de Modelación Matemática, CMM, Universidad de Chile. Researcher.

2002 – 2005 : Universidad de Chile, Departamento de Geofísica. Postdoctoral Fellow.

2000 – 2001: Columbia University, International Research Institute for Climate and Society, IRI. Postdoctoral Research Scientist.

Academic Degrees

1996-2000 : University of Oxford, Lincoln College. Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics.

1991–1995 : Universidad de Chile, Facultad de Ciencias. Licenciatura en Ciencias, mención Física.